Five Steps To Being A Better Team Leader 450 385 Dan Shyti

Five Steps To Being A Better Team Leader

Congratulations you’ve just been appointed leader of a project team! Here’s the good news: organizing a team to achieve a goal provides a special sense of fulfillment. Here’s the bad…

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Have you fallen into a tribal trap? 450 242 Dan Shyti

Have you fallen into a tribal trap?

People have a persistent yearning for community, association, and belonging. We satisfy this yearning not by looking for people that are different from us, but by seeking out people who…

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Person vs. Persona 150 150 Dan Shyti

Person vs. Persona

Two of the four powers in 4 Power Leadership are the Power of Poise and the Power of Presence. The Power of Poise is defined as ownership of the inner…

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Leadership Presence Defines Culture 150 150 Dan Shyti

Leadership Presence Defines Culture

If you want to find a model for powerful presence. Look no further than George Washington. It is said that the mere sight of Washington would inspire his troops. The…

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The Positive Leader 150 150 Dan Shyti

The Positive Leader

The positive leader sees the good in humanity. He maintains a perspective that people are extraordinary. He views people as wonderfully generous and creative. He expects the best out of…

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Three Things I Believe About Leadership 150 150 Dan Shyti

Three Things I Believe About Leadership

First, leadership can absolutely be taught and learned. The born leader concept is a myth. Sure we’re all born with particular strengths that might make us somewhat predisposed toward certain…

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Do You Think Like a Renter or an Owner? 150 150 Dan Shyti

Do You Think Like a Renter or an Owner?

The unfortunate truth in many businesses is that employees often do just enough for their company to avoid getting fired. When employees perform to the bare minimum, it’s because they…

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Christmas Greeting 2013 150 150 Dan Shyti

Christmas Greeting 2013

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people; for today in…

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Thanksgiving Message 2013 150 150 Dan Shyti

Thanksgiving Message 2013

On October 19, 1781 at Yorktown, Virginia, George Washington secured the surrender of General Cornwallis and the British Army. With that momentous event, America won its independence, and a nation…

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Goals are Powerful Things! 150 150 Dan Shyti

Goals are Powerful Things!

The best goals have a measurable impact and also serve to build a positive legacy. As Albert Einstein said, “If you truly want to have a happy life, tie it…

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