Everyone Can Be a Leader

Everyone Can Be a Leader

Everyone Can Be a Leader 150 150 Dan Shyti

I always like to say that every organization must have an undisputed leader – just like there is only one point to a sword. Yet, everyone can be a leader. Yes you read that correctly. So how are the two perspectives reconciled? How can everyone be a leader?

Regardless of your formal role, you have the ever-present opportunity of serving as an example for others. Your character determines if you will use this opportunity to be a positive role model or a negative one.

In a world that seemingly loves to celebrate “blurred lines,” people need positive role models desperately. If you doubt that you can win at the game of life and still maintain an impeccable character, then look no further than Mariano Rivera.

Lately, his name has been in the media so much that even non-baseball fans now know who he is. In his role as the indomitable closer for the New York Yankees over the past 16 years, Mariano owns just about every record there is. Yet you would never know it just by looking at him.  He never resorted to trash-talking, outrageous conduct, or gimmicks designed to draw attention to himself.  He never humiliated his opponents; he just did his job. Mariano has worked hard, performed consistently, and set a great example for all to observe.

Because of his example, he has garnered the respect of teammates and opponents in equal proportion. On September 26, 2013, Mariano made his last appearance as a player at Yankee Stadium. An era has ended. Sports writers are now busily recounting his astounding achievements on the mound. Despite all the records and glory, I believe his enduring legacy is his character. For this I want to say thank you, Mariano. You are indeed a 4 Power Leader.

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