Leadership for the New Manager

Our Flagship Leadership Course for the Rising Manager

Leadership for the New Manager

Most newly appointed supervisors are thrown into their first leadership assignment without any training. Whether it’s a tech firm, medical facility, or sales organization, most new supervisors are just thrown into the job as if they somehow are born with the knowledge of what it takes to lead other effectively.

This situation results negatively impacts the bottom line and drives higher turnover. If the manager doesn’t know how to lead, people quit. HR surveys repeatedly show that the most common reason people leave is their manager.

Leadership for the New Manager solves this problem by providing clear, concise, and actionable information that your staff can immediately use to improve workplace leadership. That is core value of this workshop.

The approach is based on Dan Shyti’s popular book, 4 Power Leadership: Your Pathway to Leadership Success.

The program consists of four segments with each segment corresponding to one of the four “powers” that every leader must master. Here’s just a small sample of what attendees will learn:

Session 1 – The Power of Poise

  • The 4 Powers of Leadership explained
  • The difference between management and leadership
  • Negative vs. Positive Leadership
  • How to gain confidence
  • The core of great leadership – virtues!
  • Personal plan for achieving Poise

Session 2 – The Power of Presence

  • What it means to have leadership presence
  • How presence is related to authority
  • How to grow your leadership presence
  • How to inspire others
  • Personal plan for achieving Presence

Session 3 – The Power of Performance

  • How to communicate your vision
  • The art of leading people
  • What makes a healthy organization
  • The art of decisiveness
  • Personal plan for achieving Performance

Session 4 – The Power of Persistence

  • What it means to be a persistent leader
  • Dealing with failure and setbacks
  • Key ingredients for turning vision into reality
  • Dealing with the challenge curve we all face
  • Personal plan for achieving Persistence

What Others Are Saying

“I personally benefitted from Dan’s coaching and advice – quiet, insightful, never heavy-handed, it always made me reflect for hours and days after it was delivered.”

– Albert Lulushi, Technology Executive and Entrepreneur

“Dan breaks down the mysterious art of leadership into logical, easy to understand concepts. It’s a tutorial on how to uncover the hidden leader in all of us.”

– Jerry Ozovek, Senior Executive, L-3 Communications

 “Dan is a masterful strategist and speaker. I worked with Dan on several projects, and he always impressed me as someone who could get his points across very effectively.”

– Talisa Ernstmann, President Ernstmann Consulting

“Dan presented his “4 Power Leadership” model to our staff on the final day of our Hope For The Warriors staff development conference. The concepts he presented, and his presentation style, fit our needs exceptionally well and ended our conference on a very high note. His flexibility in addressing the topics most relevant to our group was especially helpful. We look forward to working with him again in the future.”

–Rob Cork – Senior Director, Operations at Hope For The Warriors®

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