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Surviving COVID-19 150 150 Dan Shyti

Surviving COVID-19 In this entertaining and informative video, I share my experience in contracting COVID-19 and how I made full recovery. In the process, I learned some valuable lessons that could…

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#20 – Leaders Challenge Others to Grow 724 327 Dan Shyti

#20 – Leaders Challenge Others to Grow

By far, this is the best definition of a leader that I’ve discovered during the five plus years I’ve been writing about leadership. While attribution of the quote ranges from…

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#47 – Leaders are Industrious 800 400 Dan Shyti

#47 – Leaders are Industrious

What does it mean to be industrious? Someone who is industrious works energetically, devotedly, and diligently. The industrious leader is resourceful in overcoming obstacles by leveraging his or her own…

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#33-Leaders Have a Humble Heart 724 330 Dan Shyti

#33-Leaders Have a Humble Heart

C.S. Lewis once said, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” Being a leader requires a healthy ego. You obviously have to think highly of…

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#2-Leaders Maintain Control of Their Emotions 724 330 Dan Shyti

#2-Leaders Maintain Control of Their Emotions

The best leaders maintain control of their emotions. Control of one’s emotions is central to the first power in 4 Power Leadership—The Power of Poise. Great leaders seldom, if ever,…

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#50-Leaders are Educated 1024 466 Dan Shyti

#50-Leaders are Educated

The best leaders are educated. They are perpetual students. They are humble enough to know that there is always more to learn. What makes them educated? Formal schooling is a…

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Stand and Remember 1024 681 Dan Shyti

Stand and Remember

We recruit our heroes in the prime of their youth. Our sons and daughters bravely step forward to be counted among our nation’s defenders. They courageously confront our enemies in…

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Be Free of the Dodos 1024 1024 Dan Shyti

Be Free of the Dodos

What are the dodos in your life? In 1598 Dutch sailors landed on Mauritius a small island on the eastern side of the horn of Africa. Desperate for food, the…

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Leadership Lessons from My Dog, Ranger 1024 768 Dan Shyti

Leadership Lessons from My Dog, Ranger

Recently my wife and I adopted a wonderful shepherd mix puppy. For us, the decision was a serious commitment. We felt that this young life would be depending on us…

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How Great Leaders Inspire 300 180 Dan Shyti

How Great Leaders Inspire

Have you ever wondered how great leaders inspire people to achieve a goal? Some leaders are able to mobilize others in a way that infuses them with a profound sense…

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