How to Win a Federal Oral Proposal

Winner Takes All

Federal oral presentations are high-stakes winner-takes-all proposals. Millions — and sometimes billions — of dollars in contract awards are on the line.

Winning depends on delivering a vibrant presentation that captures your customer’s confidence. The loser goes home empty-handed, so do what it takes to win.

Imagine the Euphoria of Victory

This seminar will give you the competitive advantage you need to win by teaching you how to communicate value in your presentation.

“A mediocre solution presented persuasively will beat an exceptional solution presented poorly. In a high-stakes sales presentation, everything counts!”

– Dan Shyti, Professional Speaker and Orals Coach

What You Will Learn

  • A proven 32-point process that will deliver the thrill of victory
  • Save time by avoiding the ten most common mistakes in oral proposal competitions
  • Learn twenty pointers to create maximum impact
  • The five most important ways to sell persuasively without being pushy
  • How to present a testimonial that’s memorable and builds trust
  • Why what you feel is just as important as what you say
  • The top ten techniques for speaker effectiveness
  • How to deliver a presentation with confidence
  • Five keys to effective practice
  • How to win even with an “unseasoned” presentation team

Who Should Attend

You should attend this seminar if you are a:

  • Member of a sales presentation team
  • Capture manager
  • Proposal manager
  • Presentation coach
  • Or, just curious about learning sales presentation skills

Win your next deal. Learn persuasive presentation techniques.

Credentials and Results

Dan and the 4 Power Leadership team have transformed dozens of teams from Nervous Nellie’s to Poised and Powerful PresentersTM.

Results delivered — 4 Power Leadership clients have won billions of dollars in contract value

Dan is a unique business development professional. How many professional orals coaches do you know with 31+ years of federal contracting experience, professional speaking credentials, and an engineering degree ? When millions are on the line, experience creates the best return on investment.

What Others Are Saying

“Dan helped me develop and polish my content, and deliver with high confidence and memorable style. I will definitely use Dan again.”

– Brian Seagrave, VP General Manager, GovPlace

“Within a short two‐week period, my team went from a nervous group of unconfident presenters to a unified group of poised and powerful presenters! Very impressive! A job well done.”

– Chris Miller, Program Manager, ManTech

“Dan is an absolute master at getting the very best out of each presenter.”

– Lee Wetzell, Program Manager, L-­3 Communications

Do What it Takes to Win

Contact Dan today because you need a competitive advantage.

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