The Ethics of Leadership

Taking the "Snooze" Out of Ethics Training

Is Your Ethics Program Putting People to Sleep?

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At least once a year, most major corporations conduct company wide ethics training for all their employees. This training checks off an important legal requirement, but does your ethics training sound like this old Charlie Brown clip? Does your ethics program produce the same effect?

When employees view any training as a perfunctory exercise, you have to ask, “Is the training really effective?”

It’s quite possible that management is missing a key opportunity to communicate important views about leadership and its role in maintaining solid ethics.

Talking about ethics doesn’t have to be boring. The Ethics of Leadership presents the topic from a fresh perspective that can reinvigorate your corporate culture.

The 4 Power Leadership: Ethics of Leadership seminar covers the following topics:

  • Why corporate values are not enough
  • Management vs. Leadership
  • Leadership Made Simple
  • The Definition of Ethical
  • The Core of Great Leadership
  • What Does It Mean to be Virtuous
  • The 4 Power Virtues
  • Virtues are a Habit
  • How Thinking is Influenced
  • Virtues Keep Your Business Out of Trouble
  • What To Do When You Encounter an Ethical Problem
  • Questions & Wrap-­up

The program also includes case studies and ethical decision-making exercises.

So, instead of conducting perfunctory exercises that produce the result shown in the clip above, engage your employees. Teach them to think like leaders and to adopt the ethics of great leaders. You can transform your corporate culture, and transfer the results to the bottom line.

Delivered in a customizable program. Download PDF brochure for details.

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