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What is your typical sales presentation worth? The value of each slide can sometimes rise to millions of dollars per page. Take the value of your deal and divide it by the number of slides in your presentation. With that amount of money at risk, does it make sense to just role the dice and plow ahead without any professional coaching?

Companies routinely run into trouble on their sales presentations and jeopardize entire multimillion-dollar opportunities by underestimating the work required to deliver a winning presentation. Don’t let that happen to you. Invest in expert help early in the process.

Here are the benefits you’ll receive from my proven sales team training program:

  • Sharpen your value proposition
  • Ensure that your sales team communicates key points effectively
  • Eliminate fear of public speaking
  • Learn proven presentation techniques
  • Learn to project confidence
  • Acquire new skills you can use in any presentation setting

And the biggest benefit of all…improve your odds of winning new business!

Do What It Takes to Win

When the stakes are high, hire a coach who has the experience you need. Your investment in a professional presentation coach can generate an extraordinary return.

Dan has enjoyed outstanding success in business development, capturing billions of dollars in contract value.

Dan is formerly a Vice President at a major technology company. He has held various leadership positions in corporations and the military for more than 27 years.

Experience includes:

  • Thirty-one years of IT contracting and consulting experience resulting in a unique blend of business development, management, and technical expertise
  • Established track record of results in presentation coaching
  • Established track record in successfully completing complex projects on time and within budget

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They won a $60M contract using Dan’s methods.
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