Food for the Mind and Soul

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Ten Rules, One Hour
Change Your Life Forever

Ten Timeless Rules for Life – Things Every Young Person Should Know for a Perfect Launch is a guide on how to find meaning, focus your life, create accountability, and change your self-perception.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and lose direction especially if you have some big questions weighing you down. Questions such as:

  • How do I decide what I should be?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • How can I climb the economic ladder without losing my soul?

These are indeed big questions that can make finding your way in life intimidating and filled with anxiety. Ten Timeless Rules for Life answers all of these tough questions and more. This book is about finding your path in life by shifting to a proactive mindset through application of leadership principles. Ten Timeless Rules for Life delivers time tested truths that work for anyone who wants to break loose and reach higher.

So, strap yourself in, read Ten Timeless Rules for Life and get ready to make a perfect launch!

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New Manager? No Experience?
Don’t Get Thrown to the Wolves!

Most managers are thrown into their first leadership position without any training. 4 Power Leadership: Your Pathway to Leadership Success will show you the way. Here are the key topics you’ll learn include:

  • How to eliminate common leadership mistakes
  • Mastering the 4 Powers you must have to succeed
  • How to reshape your corporate culture
  • What really motivates people
  • How to communicate your vision to your people
  • How to inspire your team to rise to a challenge
  • How to make sure you last in a leadership position.
  • All of these topics and more are explained in an easy to understand quick-moving format.

Who should read 4 Power Leadership?

  • New or existing leaders who want to refine their leadership skills.
  • Senior executives who need a tool for creating a high performance organization.
  • Anyone who wants to learn leadership principles for self-improvement.

Whether you’re already leading or you’ve just been tapped on the shoulder, this book is for you. Become a 4 Power Leader!

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